Do we take things to far??

Interesting stuff out there to read and comment on.  One thing that caught my eye was an article about how consumers are upset with new “tween” t-shirts (read the article here and what they say.  So, of course I’m curious, I check it out.  I’m a little surprised but I’m not, if that makes any sense.  I’m surprised that some of the sayings are causing such a stir and I’m surprised at some of the comments people have left. 

I wish I did have the t-shirt that says “Allergic to Algebra,”  if you saw my Algebra grades you would think I was allergic.  I failed Algebra for the year and had to  make it up in Summer school.  I aced the summer school class with a 95, which was grueling because you had the class for three and half hours a day for three weeks straight.  One of the reasons I didn’t do so well was because my teacher during the school year was creepy.  To get familiar with you she would do roll call during the first week of school and stare at you for what seemed like forever.  She claimed she had a photographic memory, it was so intimidating.  The Summer school teacher taught it so clearly. As it turns out a major part of my job  i working with formulas all the time. 

Do you guys remember some of the shirts that were sold in the early 90’s that said “Can’t touch this” and there were two palm prints over the breasts?  I would think that would cause controversy, but it never did. 

So what I want to hear from you is how do you feel about this “controversy” over t-shirt sayings.  Please let me know if I’m the only one that feels that this may not be such a controversy.


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Hi this is Amy at A GRITS BLOG. I am married to a wonderful man, together we have four boys, young men. We live in Alabama and I love being Southern. I have many interests from outdoor activities to painting furniture and designing with vinyl. I craft, sew, organize (well at least I try too), repair things, just a gambet of task really. I believe I can do anything I set my mind too or convince my husband to do. I hope you enjoy many of the topics that I cover and discover.
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