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Ok so my previous post shows me staining and painting our newly built end tables for the living room.  While I was working on those and displaying to my family how much I love love how they have turned out.  My mother and sister-in-law wanted me to work on a table they had in their living room.  So my honey (aka my husband) was busy at work sanding this little table while I made the finishing touches on ours.  Unfortunately I got quite anxious to get started on theirs and forgot to take before pictures.  Shame on me I know.  

Here they are after the first step of staining. 

They chose for me to stain and paint the same as I did mine. So again I am using the Rustoleum Kona stain color.  I let each step dry overnight one it is cold out in my studio so I want to make sure it has enough time for drying and two I have a full-time job so these little projects get started after dinner.

As you can see this little table has scalloped designed legs.  When I applied the stain at first I started freaking out because this wood absorbed it so quickly I just knew it was going to go dark immediately.  After much wiping and a few rags later it lightened up a bit.  I may have to apply a little bit of mineral oil to pull some of the stain out…will see.


The last I left it with this little table for my in-laws I had just stained the entire surface.  I have since painted the legs and support the green color.

table side


Then I started the distressing on the paint pulling the stain out and a little spot here and there of the wood (as you can see on the view of the front (right picture)).  They wanted a good bit of distressing as you can see on the left piture. 
While I distressed the table I had laid the table on it’s side without a cloth under the top and sanded paint stuck to the edge of the table so I sanded down the stained top.  I also noticed there were some really shinny points on the table so I sanded those areas down a bit more.  I think that oil was absorbed in the raw wood after sanding.  ***Please make sure if you handle a raw wood items you handle it with gloves on, because the oils from your skin can be absorbed into the wood which can keep the wood from absorbing the stain.table top

As you can see in this picture in the upper right corner of the table top shows the stain sitting on top of the wood.  So I sanded it down




table top 2 coat

So here (left) I have added the second coat of stain to it, it’s begining to pick up a rich dark brown color.


table top 3rd coat

Then here the final third coat of stain. Very smooth and dark. Which to me always seems to make the color pop more.



Adding my topcoat to the distress table then cure for about a week before using any cleaning products and keeping heavy items on it.




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Hi this is Amy at A GRITS BLOG. I am married to a wonderful man, together we have four boys, young men. We live in Alabama and I love being Southern. I have many interests from outdoor activities to painting furniture and designing with vinyl. I craft, sew, organize (well at least I try too), repair things, just a gambet of task really. I believe I can do anything I set my mind too or convince my husband to do. I hope you enjoy many of the topics that I cover and discover.
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