Recently I have realized my time is becoming more available. Well at least when the boys don’t have something I need to do for them or some place I need to be for them. Now that I have three teenagers old enough to drive (by themselves), the last one will be 15 at the beginning of November so he has already started begging me to take him out to the country and teach him some things about driving. We’ve gone a few times and he does really well.

Anyhoooo, with the boys being more self sufficient and needing a job to pay for the gas bill. They are not home as much, so I have been exploring new interests. A recent new interest is screen printing. I love coming up with my own designs and creating them on shirts. Most of what I have done are team shirts representing my son’s football team and for my sister’s girls softball team. We also have a lawn business and I have done their work shirts. For Christmas I created shirts for my nieces.


Then I decided to get me a pazzles machine. For our second business I have created a window advertisement on my husband’s truck.

I also did monogramming for my truck.

I have created stickers/decals for people to express themselves. I’m almost finished with my logo just have to do a few more tweaks.


I’ve got a few more projects and ideas in my head and as soon as I start them I will post them as I go. One project that I know I’m going to do is this Halloween Wreath that a friend showed me online. This wreath and instructions are on The Art of Doing STUFF website. Please look at the entire site because Karen has a lot of great ideas and suggestions for decor at a great cost (if your are like me you need to cut costs on the smallest things). Unfortunately my “Dollar Store” doesn’t seem to carry the boas so I will spend more than Karen did but considering it is no where near what it would cost if I bought it at a home decor store. My friend and I will be busy at work creating these for our spooky home. Halloween is my favorite time of the year, yes that’s right I love it more than Christmas. I guess I’m just weird like that.

So I will keep you posted and post my projects as I work and finish on them.


About agritsblog2011

Hi this is Amy at A GRITS BLOG. I am married to a wonderful man, together we have four boys, young men. We live in Alabama and I love being Southern. I have many interests from outdoor activities to painting furniture and designing with vinyl. I craft, sew, organize (well at least I try too), repair things, just a gambet of task really. I believe I can do anything I set my mind too or convince my husband to do. I hope you enjoy many of the topics that I cover and discover.
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3 Responses to Time

  1. Stacy says:

    Great ideas! (My daughter loves Halloween best too.) ❤

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