The Chest Project

Well my Studio is still a mess and I have been busy to get it straightened up. That is not going so well, so I have decided the only way I might get this cleaned up is to get the excess furniture out. So I have two chest of drawers, one that I plan on reloving with shabby chic-ness, the other I thought to use for storage and that hasn’t really worked out. There is also and old rolltop desk that the rolltop needs to be reloved (I am not looking forward to doing that; because some love is just tough love).

I started working on this “hope” chest of sorts that we purchased. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of it before I started my transformation project.

IMG_0075So I started out with black (as seen in the above picture), I didn’t really like it so what else coule I do.  Well I painted it again with white.


Then I got crazy in love with this turquoise color and decided that this should go on the inside.  Please don’t freak out because this is not a cedar lined chest so I haven’t ruined it.


(Really ignore the background of the lid picture). 

I just love how this white and turquoise look so crisp. 

Well you know me I just couldn’t leave it at that and had to mess it up a little.  One of the reasons I went further and shabby chic’d it is because of the hardware that is on this big puppy.


(at this point I hadn’t distressed the top, I just laid it up there to see the difference)

So I applied my topcoat and finished it off with putting the hardware back on and Viola here is the finished product.



Doesn’t the inside look like a pool of water you could just dive into?  Can you tell I’m excited about Spring?




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Hi this is Amy at A GRITS BLOG. I am married to a wonderful man, together we have four boys, young men. We live in Alabama and I love being Southern. I have many interests from outdoor activities to painting furniture and designing with vinyl. I craft, sew, organize (well at least I try too), repair things, just a gambet of task really. I believe I can do anything I set my mind too or convince my husband to do. I hope you enjoy many of the topics that I cover and discover.
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2 Responses to The Chest Project

  1. vintagique says:

    looks really good 🙂

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