My first experience with Chalk paint.

Recently I painted some end tables that my husband’s uncle made for us. 2013-02-2516-41-40 Here is a picture of them.  I did them in the “shabby chic,” with everyday latex paint. I bought a sample jar at Home Depot of a lime green color. The top stained dark with Rustoleum Kona Wood Stain.  Then I covered the tables in Rustoleum Matte finish.  I love the way these turned out.

So I bragged a little bit to my friends of how these turned out and how much fun I had.  After seeing my tables, one of my friend’s mentioned she had bought a dresser for her daughter that she absolutely hated.  The dresser was perfect size and capacity but the color didn’t match the other furniture she had in her room.  Her bed frame was done in the shabby chic white and the bedside table.  So I volunteered to change the dresser.

I gathered my moving crew and went over to her apartment and picked up the “ugly” dresser.Ugly Dresser before makeoverphoto 4

Well my friend was right not badly built but not my cup of tea either.  First to go are those knobs.  Reagan was able to give me a part of her poster bed.  So I loaded it up and took it home, along with my moving crew.

Reagan had mentioned that she would love for the bed to be done with chalk paint. I’m sure my eyes went big when she said that.  I have only read books and watched Youtube videos of how to’s for using chalk & clay base paints.  So I went to a local shop that sells Cece Caldwell paints and took part of the bedpost that I am to match.  The young lady was very helpful with information and paint that would end up matching that of the poster bed.  So off I go nervous as heck hoping I can do this, and I will get this to match.

For a few days I did a lot of research on the Cece Caldwell paint, from watching you tube videos to reading blogs of people who use her paint to sell shabby chic style furniture.  Make sure you do your home work on the chalk & clay paint brand you choose because the process is quite different.

So I had my paint and I had my knowledge now how am I going to apply it.  Brush or spray.  I wanted so bad to spray the item but worried how much would I have to put towards a sprayer that would get the job done and last through many more.  More research.  Thank goodness I have a handy-dandy husband because he turned out to be very knowledgable in this area.  He found one at Harbor Freight and HVLP sprayer. We read the reviews and found a youtube video.  Many reviews said they loved this sprayer and if theirs broke tomorrow they would go back and buy another.  The price was another perk for getting this sprayer (around $120). 

Drawer after first coat of paint.We do a couple of test sprays and find our ratio for the water to paint viscosity. 

With chalk paint you do NOT have to strip the furniture down to bare wood. Just clean your piece of furniture with soap and water, mostly to remove residue.  Then you just start painting. 

So here is a drawer with three coats of paint.  Yes I said three, remember the paint is thinned out to get it through the nozzle.

After your paint dries it is time to distress it and with Cece Caldwell paint distressing is soooooooo simple. NO SANDING is necessary.  Dampen a cloth (I used a t-shirt cloth) and just rub the areas you want to distress.  With this dresser there are a lot of edges so thosephoto 2 photo 14 were the first thing I rubbed, then I took a small scraper and scraped off some paint on the smooth flat surfaces. I worked on the drawers and then put them back in the dresser and worked on the body.  I didn’t want to over do it just to stay in line with the bed I was trying to 13

Here is the post next to the dresser before I apply the wax and top coat.  I was so excited how close this paint was to the bed post I was trying to match.  I applied the wax and topcoat. 

Now just a little advice that I will pass on that my local Cece Caldwell paint expert passed on was to apply the wax and wait until the next day to buff. Boy did I learn this lesson the hard way.  I applied the wax and when I went to buff it (apparently I didn’t wait long enough) a big spot of paint came off. I was not happy and mostly worried. Again my Cece rep was wonderful with asking questions.

photo 9The last thing to do was find some fantastic knobs to go on this beautiful dresser.  These beautiful knobs she found at Anthropology. I love the glass with the rustic metal behind it. 



photo 10

Remember the drawer I thought I screwed up by buffing it to soon after applying the wax. Well it turned out perfect.

We delivered the piece back to Reagan and she loved it, it now looked like a true piece of the bedroom suite.





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2 Responses to My first experience with Chalk paint.

  1. Love your furniture! The green legs on the tables look awesome, I’m trying Chalk paint for the first time this weekend too! I’m a Matt girl usually ๐Ÿ™‚

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