A project out of the ordinary…

At a friends request I have stepped out of the painted furniture and vinyl application for a little gift project. The making of a snow globe.  My friend has been looking for a snow globe with chickens inside. Yes that’s right chickens.

So off I went looking for the instructions and recipe to make a snow globe with chickens.  Found many posts about the How-to.  With those posts in mind and a few of my own ideas spinning, I set off to find items that I would use to make this globe.

A few supplies to get started.

 Supplies to get started

  • A jar of your choosing, (just make sure you can get all of your items on the lid).
  • Items to create your scene (in this one we will use rocks and chickens and paint)
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin (found in craft stores or pharmacies)
  • Water proof glue (marine glue is probably the best)
  • Oil based paint

My first search has been the chickens, the best thing I thought of were the plastic figures

WP_20140705_12_24_26_Proyou can get at Tractor Supply or Michael’s of farm and wildlife animals.  But in this case I happen to stop at the Hammer’s in Tullahoma, TN and came across a rooster, and some chickens.


My next search was to find a jar that would house these lovely chickens.  Since I wanted three chickens in the globe I needed to make sure I had a large enough jar to display them.  So wide mouth jar was what I needed to find.  I also wanted to find a jar that had more of a “globe” look not a mason jar look.  I found two jars different heights at Hobby Lobby. So of course I picked the larger one.

After reviewing all the “how-to” posts there was one thing that I didn’t really like on all of the handmade snow globes scenes were low to view.  So I decided I would build mine up to more of a platform.  With my jar in tow I was now on a mission to find something to help lift the figures up into view of the globe. My search paid off.  I used the lid to one of Micheal’s small plastic paint can and the lid of a small pickle jar. Making sure that the lids stacked on top of each other fit within the jar opening.  I used a water resistant quick dry glue to attach these two lids together.

Jar from Hobby Lobby. Small paint can and lid from Michael's. Small pickle jar lid (from my neice)

Jar from Hobby Lobby. Small paint can and lid from Michael’s. Small pickle jar lid (from my neice)

My pickle lid covered in small rock pieces.

My pickle lid covered in small rock pieces.

I needed to cover the pickle jar lid and create a grass like texture for the ground. So I covered the pickle lid with small rocks that I found in the train section of Hobby Lobby. I went out into my own yard and found a rock so that I could perch my rooster on top.  I really wanted to put a more dimension to the view inside this globe. Again using the water resistant quick dry glue to apply all the rocks.  After gluing the lids together and the rocks to the lid I let it cure for 24 hours.  Want to make sure that it doesn’t come apart while sitting in the water all day.






Here is the platform after applying Design Masters Color Tex

Next step is to create a grassy plot for my little chick-a-dees to stand.  I found this wonderful texture paint called Color Tex by Design Master. Love it!! It coats the platform so well. (Looks like icing on cake).

My little rooster looks like he is king sitting so proudly on his perch.  I let the paint dry for 24 hours.  So right here is where I worried whether or not all of this application will with stand sitting in water all day long. So I went a step further after letting the paint dry.  I decide to paint on some silicon (any tube of clear silicon will work), all over the painted platform.  Again let it dry/cure for 24 hours.

Also if you haven’t notice if you decide to do my way for a gift you will definitely need a week to get it complete.  So far we are on night three for process of the project.

Adhering the chickens to the platform.

Adhering the chickens to the platform.

We are approaching the home steps.  Adhering the chickens to their permanent position.   Let them dry.  Fill your jar with distilled water.  I filled the water to the bottom of the neck of the jar.  I added white and iridescent glitter then added glycerin.  Do NOT add a lot of glycerin at this point. Add the glycerin and stir the mixture and watched the glitter fall.  If your glitter falls too fast add a few more drops until the glitter falls slowly.  I put a lot of white glitter in this one because I love a good blizzard. (Well in the globe at least).

Wipe off the rim and thread area of your jar to remove any glitter and water.  The bottom platform piece has a lip that  rests on top of the lip of the jar when put in position.  Apply marine glue to the lip of the platform and place it in position on the jar.  Now apply a bead of marine glue to the inside of the jar lid I placed my bead below the lowest thread. That way the glue would not push out when the lid was tightened.  We want to make sure that the globe leaks.  At this point do not turn the globe “up right” this glue will need to cure for at least 24 hours.

So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.




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