I have lived in the South my entire life.  Born and raised in the TennesseeValley. I have watched my small town grow into one of the largest cities inAlabama and a large hub for many engineers.  Literally, watched the cotton fields develop into  Shopping Malls, space tech buildings and military contractors are now occupying most of these fields.

One thing that seems to be consistent in my town, even in the state, is it’s beauty.   The Spring is so vibrant with color of new blooms and the Summer can be a scorcher (especially here recently). Then the fall brings in red reds and the orangest orange from the leaves changing, which prepares us for some SEC College, I’m a Bama fan.  The Winter is still to cold for me, I love the warmer months.

I am originally from this small town that I live in, which is unusual since we are a home of many contractors.  The middle of three girls, “tom” girls at that.  We grew up pretty much on my grandfather’s ranch, riding horses and attending rodeos.  Then we turned sixteen and drove cars.  I graduated in the late 80’s, yes the era of big hair and plastic accessories.  At 22 I got married, at 23 I had my first son, at 25 I had my second and at 26 I had my third. At 28 I went through a divorce and was now raising three small boys by myself. Well, I take that back you know the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” well my village consisted of my mother and my two sisters and their better halves. Ten years later I married a long time friend.  My husband and I knew each other by way of  my little sister and her boyfriend.  When they got married, David and I walked down the aisle together as part of the wedding party.  Another strange thing is that our boys went to home daycare together.  Now we live happily together.

I guess you can say I’m interested in everything; reading, sports, outdoors, travel, art, crafts , photography, and very little of my “real” job.  I work for a food company which is not glamorous but it does have really good (I mean REALLY GOOD) insurance.  Which is a gold mine these days.


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