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Hi this is Amy at A GRITS BLOG. I am married to a wonderful man, together we have four boys, young men. We live in Alabama and I love being Southern. I have many interests from outdoor activities to painting furniture and designing with vinyl. I craft, sew, organize (well at least I try too), repair things, just a gambet of task really. I believe I can do anything I set my mind too or convince my husband to do. I hope you enjoy many of the topics that I cover and discover.

And just like that *snap* October has come and gone.

Whew!  October just flew by and now we are coming into the holiday season at full speed.  We’ve had a blessed October, and I am not exaggerating.       We’ve gone from one Fall Open House at the end … Continue reading

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Why it’s worth the piece you buy.

So they other day I was reviewing the Facebook page of the business I have one of my two furniture booths in.  I noticed a comment from a customer (well a past customer), according to her statement she stopped coming … Continue reading

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How to make your own liquid chalk

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Signs they are everywhere. Simple sayings of inspiration, love and life.  Vinyl applied lettering, or use of a stencil or if you are the exceptionally talented and have great patience to learn hand lettering. I … Continue reading

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Why I redo furniture.

Been debating about posting this for the last few days, but I think posting may bring out an understanding that many may not have for those of us that repaint furniture. For seven years I was a divorced mother of three … Continue reading

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Seems like the busy keeps on coming.

I expanded from custom painting of furniture to painting and selling furniture through a booth.  I rented space through a local store for awhile, realized life was a little bit more busier than I could handle by myself.  So I … Continue reading

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A project out of the ordinary…

At a friends request I have stepped out of the painted furniture and vinyl application for a little gift project. The making of a snow globe.  My friend has been looking for a snow globe with chickens inside. Yes that’s … Continue reading

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Shame on me…

I know I know I think I fell off the face of the earth too. It has been a really crazy year. Last year at this time (pretty much the last time I posted). We had two graduating, well one … Continue reading

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And the addiction continues

So after I had the wonderful nerve-racking experience with dresser for a friend in chalk paint I decided that I was going to do a piece the way I wanted to do it.  I love color so I did some color … Continue reading

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My first experience with Chalk paint.

Recently I painted some end tables that my husband’s uncle made for us.  Here is a picture of them.  I did them in the “shabby chic,” with everyday latex paint. I bought a sample jar at Home Depot of a lime … Continue reading

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A few vinyl projects

So many projects this past three weeks. We will start with my vinyl projects that had a couple of weeks boom. It’s the beginning of baseball/softball Spring season here in Northern Alabama and one of my sister’s has a daughter, Chloe, that plays softball so … Continue reading

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