The Chest Project

Well my Studio is still a mess and I have been busy to get it straightened up. That is not going so well, so I have decided the only way I might get this cleaned up is to get the excess furniture out. So I have two chest of drawers, one that I plan on reloving with shabby chic-ness, the other I thought to use for storage and that hasn’t really worked out. There is also and old rolltop desk that the rolltop needs to be reloved (I am not looking forward to doing that; because some love is just tough love).

I started working on this “hope” chest of sorts that we purchased. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of it before I started my transformation project.

IMG_0075So I started out with black (as seen in the above picture), I didn’t really like it so what else coule I do.  Well I painted it again with white.


Then I got crazy in love with this turquoise color and decided that this should go on the inside.  Please don’t freak out because this is not a cedar lined chest so I haven’t ruined it.


(Really ignore the background of the lid picture). 

I just love how this white and turquoise look so crisp. 

Well you know me I just couldn’t leave it at that and had to mess it up a little.  One of the reasons I went further and shabby chic’d it is because of the hardware that is on this big puppy.


(at this point I hadn’t distressed the top, I just laid it up there to see the difference)

So I applied my topcoat and finished it off with putting the hardware back on and Viola here is the finished product.



Doesn’t the inside look like a pool of water you could just dive into?  Can you tell I’m excited about Spring?



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My studio…what a mess!

So with my crazy hectic schedule my studio suffers. Back in OctoberThe studio being delivered. I purchased a small 10′ x 20′ metal building now known as my Studio. Before the studio my dining room and dining room table were taken over by my vinyl and crafting supplies. Half the dining room had my desk, computer and vinyl cutter and the other half had my table covered in vinyl rolls. I didn’t take a picture of that mess, it was a little embarrassing. So before we could have Christmas in my house I needed to get my “stuff” out.

So we hurried to get all of it into the studio before we had finished it off.  I figured we can do that later when it gets warmer (I am beginning to dread that decision).  So it is now March and I have stuff this studio like a loaded potato.

This view is from my desk and as you can see I have put a roll top desk on the left This view is from my desk(had that desk in my dining room and worked from it) and on the right is an old dresser we had for one of my sons I bought a really beautiful french Provincial style dresser for a steal at the local thrift for only $60 (I will post that project when it comes time to redo it).  So I have the roll top stuffed full of gadgets and the dresser has more of the vinyl in it.  Eventually I will have a rack type system to hang my vinyl just haven’t decided what I want.  The table in front is my working surface.  I have bought a self-healing cutting mat to preserve the top.

Again a view from my desk towards the double door entry A view towards the doors(which I absolutely love, to have both doors open while I work) this helps with those large items.  Here you see my husband, a dresser and a stack of pails.  Oh yeah few rolls of vinyl on top of several things.  I’m getting ready to do some decorating on the pails for a Bark for Life event coming up in April.

Here is another view where a chest of drawers is hiding the second door.  The chest I am redoing and will be posted for sale at a later date.

photo3And finally a view of my desk and everything that is on my side.  My desk is a converted kitchen table. I found this table at a man’s house that goes and buys contents of storage units.  I paid $25 for the table.  I think I paint a design on the table eventually just haven’t decided on the design yet.  My 36″ vinyl cutter is on the back wall, along with a hutch cabinet that my neighbor was going to throw out.  Eventually I plan on putting a cabinet over to the left there so that I can store my vinyl.  I’m thinking I want a wine bottle X design.  I have got a lot to clean up and put away so that we can start finishing the walls off with insulation and sheet rock.  I will post pictures and updates as we get through the stages.  Right now I will just work with it the way it is now.

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The busy body in me!!

So when I have down time with my vinyl, shabby chic tasks, teenagers and husband, I read and peruse Pinterest.  I am a Kindle Fire user, so I can check Pinterest just about any where with a wifi connection.  So with many ideas posted to my boards via people/articles I’m following and those that I’m not, what a wonderful concept someone has come up with.  Growing up I use to cut and paste and tuck images and articles that I would come across in a magazine.  The three inch notebook turned into a packed skate case that has been stored in my moms attic for ages. 

So now some programmer has converted my paper notebook to an electronic one that has no limits.  I have tried so many of these simple ideas.  Like folding my grocery bags into footballs to reduce clutter (this comes via Polka Dot Pineapple you can click on blog title), the only problem I have is getting them open without fuss or your hands full, otherwise it’s pretty nifty idea.

4 oz jars of sugar scrub with Jasime essential oils

4 oz jars of sugar scrub with Jasime essential oils

 I have created sugar scrubs and given them as little gifts.  These little 4 oz. jars I found at Wal-mart.  The top round circle label, is an Avery 2″ round gloss label.  These labels are so fantastic and look very professional.     

Found these little jars at Wal-mart

Found these little jars at Wal-mart

I filled these little jars to the brim with colored sugar scrub.  I found the recipe on The Idea Room via Pinterest.  Since these jars only hold about 4 oz. it seemed like the perfect size to give as a gift.     

Ingredient label applied to the bottom.

Ingredient label applied to the bottom.

I placed an ingredient label on the bottom of the jar.  You never know if someone may have a reaction to an ingredient.  Remember when I said I had a full-time job well my job deals with placing ingredients on labels in the proper order. Also, working in the food industry and having children I have concerns about allergies.  My children aren’t allergic, but as a mom and seeing how children with allergies react is scarey.  I have decided I will try to do some of the things that I repin from people I follow or things that I pin to my boards.  With almost 2,000 pins to my 44 boards (if you would like to follow me, you can look me up 8D Sharpe). I have a lot of experimenting, and as I do I will post if they were successful or a fail (maybe I failed at putting it together).

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New project

Ok so my previous post shows me staining and painting our newly built end tables for the living room.  While I was working on those and displaying to my family how much I love love how they have turned out.  My mother and sister-in-law wanted me to work on a table they had in their living room.  So my honey (aka my husband) was busy at work sanding this little table while I made the finishing touches on ours.  Unfortunately I got quite anxious to get started on theirs and forgot to take before pictures.  Shame on me I know.  

Here they are after the first step of staining. 

They chose for me to stain and paint the same as I did mine. So again I am using the Rustoleum Kona stain color.  I let each step dry overnight one it is cold out in my studio so I want to make sure it has enough time for drying and two I have a full-time job so these little projects get started after dinner.

As you can see this little table has scalloped designed legs.  When I applied the stain at first I started freaking out because this wood absorbed it so quickly I just knew it was going to go dark immediately.  After much wiping and a few rags later it lightened up a bit.  I may have to apply a little bit of mineral oil to pull some of the stain out…will see.


The last I left it with this little table for my in-laws I had just stained the entire surface.  I have since painted the legs and support the green color.

table side


Then I started the distressing on the paint pulling the stain out and a little spot here and there of the wood (as you can see on the view of the front (right picture)).  They wanted a good bit of distressing as you can see on the left piture. 
While I distressed the table I had laid the table on it’s side without a cloth under the top and sanded paint stuck to the edge of the table so I sanded down the stained top.  I also noticed there were some really shinny points on the table so I sanded those areas down a bit more.  I think that oil was absorbed in the raw wood after sanding.  ***Please make sure if you handle a raw wood items you handle it with gloves on, because the oils from your skin can be absorbed into the wood which can keep the wood from absorbing the stain.table top

As you can see in this picture in the upper right corner of the table top shows the stain sitting on top of the wood.  So I sanded it down




table top 2 coat

So here (left) I have added the second coat of stain to it, it’s begining to pick up a rich dark brown color.


table top 3rd coat

Then here the final third coat of stain. Very smooth and dark. Which to me always seems to make the color pop more.



Adding my topcoat to the distress table then cure for about a week before using any cleaning products and keeping heavy items on it.



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Update my end tables.

Well I decided to do a mixture of both staining and painting.  I have actually enjoyed doing these tables and so far I am loving how they are looking. 


So here is the beginning of what I have started.  I still have the underside to paint green.  I’m undecided whether or not to glaze it then topcoat it.

 When I did the stain (Rustoleum Kona) for the table top and shelf I didn’t remove a most of the stain so it would be a deep rich color against the vibrant green paint.  I also didn’t stain the back side of the legs since I wouldn’t wear down the paint in the area.  I stained the outside of the legs and support (which eliminated me from using a glaze), then I painted the legs and support in the green color.  The paint I used is color matched to Martha Stewart Living’s Mossy Rock (MSL103).  Oh yeah and this is ultra flat paint. 

So here are my tables all done.  For the last leg of the painting project I used Rustoleum’s Ultimate Polyurethane with Soft Touch Matte finish as a topcoat.  I absolutely love the matte finish.  Now WARNING please read your label as some stains and paints canNOT be covered in Polyurethane. 

 The top of the table shows slight rich wood grain and the topcoat declares resists fingerprints and smudges. We shall see!!!

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Shabby chicin’ my new end tables.

My husband’s Uncle, made these beautiful end tables.  He made a set for his daughter who had posted hers on facebook.  I thought they were simple and it also gave me a chance to try the shabby chic technique.

So I have been on Pinterest looking and scanning pins regarding refinishing furniture.  Do I completely stain the pieces? Do I paint them?Do I do both?  Do I do the “Shabby Chic?”

 What do you think??? (Please see next post for update)

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There are days I feel like I’m ADD

I’m honestly not making fun of people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), my husband was diagnosed with it in his adult life.  Probably has had it all his life, but in our generation it wasn’t a diagnosis while we were growing up.  I can see why he was diagnosed with it; projects around here are plenty and most are not complete.  I have heard that this disorder is very difficult on marriages, I can see why on most days.  I laugh it off honestly, in fact I think this has become contagious, especially since Pinterest has reared it’s wonderful little pinhead. 

 There are so many things shared on this site I don’t know where to begin.  In my spare time I cut vinyl so this has been very helpful with ideas to personalize items.  Then there is the healthy items that are posted from creating your own facial and body scrubs and butters to new ways to cook healthy.  Of course the crafty personality comes out when I see things to make for decor or gifts.  These shared ideas are boundless and cover every aspect of life.  I get exhausted from just thinking about the things I want to do. 

 I have many boards and lots of pins (you can look me up 8D Sharpe), one of my boards is called Things I want to do well I think all my pins should end up on this board as I see that I want to do all of them. Thus feeling like I have ADD.  My husband ended up laughing at me the other night.  We have been working on refinishing several pieces of furniture in some of the “Shabby Chic” style (another pin I became interested in).  While shopping for items to do this task, I bought a package of ball jars and a few beauty items to make an “almost homemade” lotion that I found via Pinterest (actually located on One Good Thing by Jillee).  My husband asked me if I wanted him to put the Milk paint in the jars that I bought and I told him no because that was for the lotion I was going to make.  He laughed and asked when did I get into the lotion making business.  Right then I felt like him with ADD.  How do you go from refinishing furniture to making lotion???  One word Pinterest.

So let me get to a few things that I have actually accomplished via Pinterest via blogs.  Like I said I have a vinyl cutter that I absolutely love.  I started out with a Pazzles and have moved up to a larger 40 something inch machine. I have done several picture frames with Family names on them and sold them.


Left is what I did for my boss as a Christmas gift 16 x 20.  Right is one I did for my Mother-in-Law for her birthday again a 16 x 20.  Below I did for a co-worker’s parents for their anniversary this is smaller 11 x 17. I have done several more, they make a great wedding gift.

412849_4309575770270_1181674038_o I have done several windows with same type of idea, this one included a poem.  Most of the picture frames are 16″ x 20″ the windows I have done are 27″ x 33″ or larger.  

I have worked on several vehicle  signs for their business, here I applied vinyl for a rig.This one for the lawn care was applied to sheet metal that was mounted on their trailer. 

I then started working on t-shirts, aprons, license plates, ornaments and mugs.  I have to stay busy busy.

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Recently I have realized my time is becoming more available. Well at least when the boys don’t have something I need to do for them or some place I need to be for them. Now that I have three teenagers old enough to drive (by themselves), the last one will be 15 at the beginning of November so he has already started begging me to take him out to the country and teach him some things about driving. We’ve gone a few times and he does really well.

Anyhoooo, with the boys being more self sufficient and needing a job to pay for the gas bill. They are not home as much, so I have been exploring new interests. A recent new interest is screen printing. I love coming up with my own designs and creating them on shirts. Most of what I have done are team shirts representing my son’s football team and for my sister’s girls softball team. We also have a lawn business and I have done their work shirts. For Christmas I created shirts for my nieces.


Then I decided to get me a pazzles machine. For our second business I have created a window advertisement on my husband’s truck.

I also did monogramming for my truck.

I have created stickers/decals for people to express themselves. I’m almost finished with my logo just have to do a few more tweaks.


I’ve got a few more projects and ideas in my head and as soon as I start them I will post them as I go. One project that I know I’m going to do is this Halloween Wreath that a friend showed me online. This wreath and instructions are on The Art of Doing STUFF website. Please look at the entire site because Karen has a lot of great ideas and suggestions for decor at a great cost (if your are like me you need to cut costs on the smallest things). Unfortunately my “Dollar Store” doesn’t seem to carry the boas so I will spend more than Karen did but considering it is no where near what it would cost if I bought it at a home decor store. My friend and I will be busy at work creating these for our spooky home. Halloween is my favorite time of the year, yes that’s right I love it more than Christmas. I guess I’m just weird like that.

So I will keep you posted and post my projects as I work and finish on them.

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Let the hunting begin

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Well hunting season is around the corner if not already. Just depends on where you live. We are in the mist of dove and some waterfowl seasons. Deer season opens next month and I have a house full of hunters. … Continue reading

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Do we take things to far??

Interesting stuff out there to read and comment on.  One thing that caught my eye was an article about how consumers are upset with new “tween” t-shirts (read the article here and what they say.  So, of course I’m curious, I check it out.  I’m a little surprised but I’m not, if that makes any sense.  I’m surprised that some of the sayings are causing such a stir and I’m surprised at some of the comments people have left. 

I wish I did have the t-shirt that says “Allergic to Algebra,”  if you saw my Algebra grades you would think I was allergic.  I failed Algebra for the year and had to  make it up in Summer school.  I aced the summer school class with a 95, which was grueling because you had the class for three and half hours a day for three weeks straight.  One of the reasons I didn’t do so well was because my teacher during the school year was creepy.  To get familiar with you she would do roll call during the first week of school and stare at you for what seemed like forever.  She claimed she had a photographic memory, it was so intimidating.  The Summer school teacher taught it so clearly. As it turns out a major part of my job  i working with formulas all the time. 

Do you guys remember some of the shirts that were sold in the early 90’s that said “Can’t touch this” and there were two palm prints over the breasts?  I would think that would cause controversy, but it never did. 

So what I want to hear from you is how do you feel about this “controversy” over t-shirt sayings.  Please let me know if I’m the only one that feels that this may not be such a controversy.

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