Painting furniture

I have been painting furniture a few years now and it has taken over my days, my husband’s too, but I’m sure I’m to blame. I think that’s why we click. For the majority of our projects we use CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. Absolutely love the ease of this paint. My favorite part is wet distressing! No sandpaper necessary, which mean no dust.

So when I heard that they were looking for every day Janes/Joes like me that uses this paint I jumped at the opportunity. So I applied to be a brand rep and here I am a CeCe Caldwell Brand Rep and loving it.

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CeCe Caldwell’s Paints is the paint I use for the majority of my projects.  I love the environmentally friendly, low VOC clay and chalk paint.  They have a lot of fantastic colors, waxes, stains and other mediums to create your perfect piece.  I have used most specialty paints and I keep going back to CeCe’s.

Here is a piece that I found on Craigslist and low and behold it was only around the corner.  I love these primitive chests they are so simple.


I stripped this puppy as much as I could because it was in rough condition.  Many of the joints were out of whack and/or nailed together. Which was a bit of a task.


I found using a heat gun is an easy way of removing old paint from those hard to get to places.  Since this piece originally started out with a stain and varnish the heat gun caused the varnish to bubble up and I could then scrap the old paint off the piece. It is time consuming but it did help me get the paint out of those crevices.

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With this piece I had decided to use a new technique from a class I had taken back in June.  Creating a crocodile texture on the top and incorporate silver foil to it as well.  To create the texture I used a medium by Proceed call Smooth Absorbent Texture (SAT).


Pattern applied to the top of the chest


Once the design set and dried we sprayed the inside of the piece in a dark grey.  I wanted this piece to be finished from top to bottom inside and out.








The outside we painted it  in CeCe Caldwell’s Silver Hill Fog beautiful light grey color.








To bring the texture out on the top we used Modern Masters Snow and lightly (more of the dry brush technique) brushed in one direction.WP_20150922_012 (2)

We then adhered silver foil around the edge of the top and finished it off with mercury knobs.

I call this the “Bayou Princess”

This piece is for sale at Southern Cottage Designs 4012 Tirana Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35805.